About it.

Mobius of Magic is an old-school RPG designed exclusively for touch-screen devices. The combat system is a unique mix between the turn-based titles of the PlayStation X generation (Final Fantasy VII – IX, Dragon Ques, …) and the new interaction capabilities mobile devices.

Key features

  • Visit incredibly hand-crafted locations. From deep dark forests to flamboyant cities.
  • Fight your opponents with a deep and dynamic turn-based combat system specifically designed for touch-screen devices
  • Meet unique characters and learn more than 20 different spells from them!
Mobius of Magic Gameplay

The Story

Embark on an epic adventure across the world of Everwind! Your adventure begins at the Harbour of Thal’mur, where you have been training with your master, Roku the Sorcerer. After completing your final test, your master asks your to deliver an ancient relic to Leena, a mistress of White Magic.

Unaware of the adventure you are about to get involved, a Shadow has started pulling the strings of an evil plan that will threaten the peace of the entire world…


Battles are enjoyably fast-paced affairs where you need to pay careful attention to your foe and react quickly and precisely. It makes a valiant go of building a game around that interesting mechanic.

Touch ArcadeShaun Musgrave

The graphics remind of some of the greatest mobile titles of the last years, such as Oceanhorn, innovative game mechanics and playability.

MarkonomiaGabi Baella

It's pretty amazing to find developers like you who dedicate the time and effort to produce a high quality game.

Ultra-Line SoftwareRaiden