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Simple Gesture

A powerful, yet easy to use, gesture recognizer for touch-devices.
Simply call Gesture.GESTURE_NAME(callback) and the method passed as a parameter will be called every time that gesture is recognised.
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RPG Creator

We make the tools, so you can focus on the game.

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Aaargh! My Cats!

An incredibly fast paced action packed game that delivers not only a ton of fun, but also a hilarious story told with small cutscene dialogs at the end of each level.

Aaargh! My Cats! is a game inspired by modern ones such as Alto’s Adventure and drinks from other classic endless runners. Through 50 levels, you’ll be facing evil goblins, avoiding traps, jumping over rocks and much, much more!

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Aaargh! My Cats! Website presentation
Mobius of Magic Gameplay

Mobius of Magic

The graphics remind of some of the greatest mobile titles of the last years, such as Oceanhorn, innovative game mechanics and playability.

Mobius of Magic is an old-school RPG designed exclusively for touch-screen devices. The combat system is a unique mix between the turn-based titles of the PlayStation X generation (Final Fantasy VII – IX, Dragon Ques, …) and the new interaction capabilities mobile devices.

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